MicroFiber is Gigantic!

I remember back when it was called polyester. It made me sweat too much, and I smelled bad. So I made a vow that I would never wear this stuff ever again!

But I’ve finally found another purpose for it.

In the old days, the polyester fiber was really big. You could see it with your bare eye. It was about the size of rice! I’m not exaggerating much. But now, they’ve found a way to pull out thinner fibers.

In some store, I saw dog-drying towels. They were brown, and had an an embroidered pooch at the bottom. They kind of looked like that photo above, but with a pooch, not a paw print. I bought 2 of them.

They dry dogs awesomely. They absorb tons of water. And then you wring them out, and tons of water fall into the sink, and you can dry another dog with them. And when you’re all done, you give them another wring, and they’ll be dry inside an hour. These microfiber towels are like magic!

I use them for my own after-bath drying needs. Shhh. Don’t tell my dogs.

Eventually I broke down and bought a human microfiber towel. It’s an Aquis Microfiber Body Towel with a waffle weave. It works great too.

There’s a couple of problems with microfiber towels. When your hands are dry, it’s like the microfibers are picking at your skin. It’s more than just a nuisance. The main mitigating factor is that when you use the towels, your hands will be wet. So it won’t be an issue then.

But when you wash and fold the towel, you may have some irrational reactions to the sensations. And because of problem #2, you may have to wash them often.

Problem #2: They still get stinky. All that micro-ness gives bacteria snuggly places to live.

So I don’t use these things as hand towels. That just transfers too many microbes too quickly to the towel. I only use the towels after a full shower with lots of suds. Which helps slow the colonization. But sooner than I’d like, I must launder the towel. Adding baking soda to the wash seems to help.

I’ve tried going back to scrumptuous cotton towels, but they don’t dry me as well. I don’t want to have to make more than one quick pass ever again.

While we’re on the subject: microfiber makes great washcloths, and they’re cheap! You can get eight of them for like five bucks, so long as you don’t mind 4 blue and 4 white. Or that they’re marketed for washing cars.

They scrub really fast! Maybe a little too fast. You can sort of burn your face if you scrub too much or too hard. Just once over nicely will do. Don’t loiter in any one place. Your nose will thank you.

These dry fast too, and since they’re used with soap, it takes a long time before they start smelling. And you can wring them out, and they’re dry enough to wipe off the mirror without leaving streaks.

Or you could wash your car with them. I’m sold.

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