T-Shirts For No Taxes

A Lotta No Taxes T-ShirtsOK, so it was this week instead of next that I came up with the t-shirts. Look just above, everybody’s wearing them! Or at least all the cool people are. You wanna be like them, huh?

Go ahead and buy a dozen anyway, OK. Just don’t sue me.

And don’t tread on me either, or I’ll have to bite your ankle, and stuff like that never turns out good. You’re looking at a really nasty infection. Maybe even rabies shots. They’re supposed to hurt.

So write you congress critters. Wear the t-shirt. Feel good about it all.

Uh, even if Zazzle.com doesn’t charge sales tax, you may have to pay a “use” tax to your state government. Talk to your local qualified tax aficionado to be sure. Then complain to your duly elected representatives everywhere.



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