You Want the T-Shirt

It’s true. They Saved Einstein’s Hair-Do. They really did. And all the world is better for it.

Sure, if they’d planned ahead a little, maybe they could have saved something more important than just his Hair-Do. Maybe some mitochondrial DNA, or regular DNA, or even some stem cells. But I don’t think that they knew about stem cells back then.

At least they didn’t save his brain, with the wacky idea of reanimating him later to help build a world of reason and peace by using relativity and evolution and other crazy theories. But they really did save his brain with the wacky idea of cutting it up into tiny pieces to make it easier to study. Brain salad for science. It’s what’s for supper.

You can get a t-shirt with one of the above images for only $17. Plus shipping, probably. I’d meant to use the silkscreen option, which would have driven the price down farther, but it’s only available on orders of 12 or more. If you and your friends want 12 of these babies, just let me know and I’ll get you such a deal on them.*

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